T M Sivakumar


Thiru. Sivakumar was born in a respectable Isai Velalar family that follows the tradition of promoting and practicing music. His father, late T.R. Murgaiyan, was the Asthana Nadaswara Vidwan of Thiruvannamalai Temple, where Sivakumar himself is currently the Asthana Vidwan. Sivakumar learnt to play Mridangam from Sirkazhi Sambandam Pillai and later from Thiruvarur Krishnamurthy for ten years in the Gurukula tradition.

Handling Course


Sivakumar has accompanied many leading musicians of Tamilnadu. He is the first person to play Mirudangam in the Kailash range of Himalayas. He has also played for musicians in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa.

Saraswathi Kala Kendra is blessed to have Thiru. Sivakumar as their mirdangam teacher. He has been associated with the Kendra for the past twenty one years. He has trained many students in this beautiful art. Some of them have become accomplished artist and has bought laurels to the teacher and Kendra. Sivakumar is a very dedicated,devoted and a disciplined teacher. He is one of the strong pillar of the Kendra. A service oriented person.