Past Events - A Look Back

Thyagaraja Aradhana at Thiruvayur January

Annual Day

Pongal festival

Reopen Puja

Kendra reopened after one month of summer vacation; in the afternoon, all students gathered for the Puja.

Vocal by Thiru Ramakrishnamurthy

A superb vocal concert was given by Thiru Ramakrishnamurthy

Mannarkoil J. Balaji and Smt. Vanishree Ravishankar

Mannarkoil J. Balaji gave a demo of various rhythms and its importance in music. This was followed by a lec-dem by Smt. Vanishree Ravishankar on Bhava and Sringara rasa.

Bharani Krithigai – Kangeyanallur

The teachers of the kendra gave a excellent program at Kangeyanallur Kripananda Variar mantapam on the occassion of Bharani Krithigai

Adi Krithigai – Kangeyanallur

The senior students of the kendra perfomed at Kangeyanallur Kripananda Variar Mantapam on the occasion of Adi Krithigai


Gokulashtami was celebrated with fun. Ori adi for senior students; fancy dress competetion for sub juniors; song, kollattam, and dance depicting Krishna’s leela was performed by the students.

Independence day

Independence day was celebrated by hoisting the tricolour flag and singing patriotic songs.

Onam Celebrations

Onam was celebrated by having Rangoli and flower kolam competition. Students participated with great enthusiasm.

Pudukotai Krishnamurthy – Veena concert.

Thiru Pudukotai Krishnamurthy gave a melodious Veena concert.

Vinayaka Chaturthi

Vinayaka Chaturthi was celebrated at the kendra between 11.30am and 1pm. Stories on Ganesha was told and a quiz was conducted.

Navaratri Celebrations – 2012

Navaratri was a great event for the Kendra. Students performed in various temples in and around Vellore on all nine days. The highlight was the kolattam at Sripuram and dance, instrument, and vocal performance by the students at Jalakandeswara temple.

15 – 24 October


Thevaram at Karneeswarar temple

Thevaram students performed at Karneeswarar temple

Vijayadasami celebration

Vijayadasami was celebrated with students paying respects to their teachers

Vocal by Lavanya Sundaraman

A stunning vocal concert by Kum. Lavanya Sundaraman

Vocal concert at Venkateswara temple

Kum. J. Archana and Kum. Kavya gave a vocal concert, accompanied on the Violin by M. Manimaran and on the mirdangam by Balakrishnan, at Venkateswara temple, Vellore

Natyanjali – Walaja Kasi Viswanatha Temple

Students perfomed Natyanjali program at Walaja Kasi Viswanatha Temple

Pongal Celebrations – 2013

Pongal festival was celebrated in a grand scale. The students made sweet pongal in a traditional way, shouting “PONGALO PONGAL” when the milk boiled out of the pot. Children danced and sang, played the violin and veena, and enjoyed every moment. The show started at 9am and came to a close after a sumptuous lunch and exciting games at 3pm

Thyagaraja Aradhana

Thyagaraja Aradhana at the Kendra with students rendering Thyagaraja compositions

Aradhana at Jalakanteswara temple.

Procession Of Thyagarajaswamy with portrait of Sri Thyagarajar taken in procession and students singing Thyagarajar compositions. An all-day Aradhana was held at the Jalakanteswara temple.

Vocal, Instrument & Dance – Jalakanteswara temple

Senior students gave vocal, instrument & dance programme at the Jalakanteswara temple

Annual Day

Kendra Reopen – Ganesha and Saraswathi puja

Kendra reopened with Ganesha and Saraswathi puja, which was well attended by the students from all classes. Interviews were held for vocal and dance classes for this academic year.

Carnatic Music Workshop – Violin and Veena Concert

Sri J. Balaji conducted a workshop on how to appreciate Carnatic Music. This was followed by a wonderful concert with Violin Thiru Villivakam Raghuraman, Veena Thiru G.R.S.Murali, Venu Thiru Jaganathan, and Mrdangam Thiru J. Balaji.

Concert by A.S. Murali and party

Arangetram of Harshitha and Amritha

Pranavi concert at TTD temple in Vellore

Kum. C. Pranavi gave a concert at TTD temple in Vellore, accompanied by Violin M. Manimaran and Mrdangam Lakshmi Narasimhan

Adi Krithigai program at the Kendra at 5 pm

Dance program at Chelliamman temple

Adi Kirthigai – Music workshop and Vocal concert

Workshop on music by Pudukotai S. Ramanathan from 10 am to 1 pm. Vocal concert by master G. Abilash (vocal), master Kamalakiran (violin), and master R. Giriprasad (mrdangam). Also, adi krithigai program in Muthumaari Amman Koil

Srikrishna Jayanthi Celebrations

Navaratri juniors program in Shiva Vishnu Koil

Navaratri seniors program in Muthumaari Amman Koil

Navaratri instrumental program (all senior students and junior students)

Navaratri dance program in Iraivankaadu Vanadurga Peedam (see dance music orchestra)

Navarathri dance program and veena/violin program in Jalakandeeswarar Koil

Navaratri dance program on Sudhama Charitham

Dance program in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Coimbatore

Concert at Villupuram

Kendra reopening

Anahitha and apoorva ravindran kutcheri

Pathangi brothers kutcheri

Twentieth Annual Day Celebration at Anna Kalai Arangam, Anna Salai

Workshop by AKS Murali

Sreepuram vocal concert by Giri Raj, violin Manimaran, mriudangam BalaKrishnan

veena concert by sri Hari krishnan, violin manimaran, mrdangam Radhakrishnan

vaikunta ekadasi program

seniors program in Coimbatore Radhakalyana

thygaraja aradhana in kendra

seniors program in sripuram temple (instrumental only)


new students interview 4pm onwards

Pooja at 6:30am

trip to Mahabalipuram and fun in the beach

Sripuram concert at 6pm

park concert from 6 to 7 pm


Vocal Concert by Smt. Sankari Krishnan

Vocal Concert by Smt. Sankari Krishnan 3.30 to 5.30pm

Dance performance at Vanadurga temple Tirpattur

Dance Performance by Kum. Harshitha and Kum. Amritha at Vanadurga temple Tirpattur

Sankadahara chathurthi

Adi Krithigai

Lec-dem on layam by Thiru. K. Thyagarajan

Lec-dem on layam 9:30 to noon by Mirdangam Vidvan Thiru. K. Thyagarajan

Annual Day 4pm

Independence Day – Venna Concert

  1. Independence Day celebration 3pm
  2. veena concert 3:30pm by Thiru. A.R.Mrithyunjayan and Thiru. A.R.Srihari

Sankadahara chathurthi


Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebration 10am

Ganesha Chathurthi celebration 10am

Onam celebration 10am

Vocal & instrumental concert @ Shenbakkam Pillayar temple

Sankadahara chathurthi









VIJAYADASAMI POOJA at the Kendra 4:30pm

Honouring the Teachers for VIJAYADASAMI 7:30am

Deepavali Celebrations

Concert by Kum. Shreya and Kum. Shobhana 10.30 to 12.30


Workshop on Music

Workshop on music by Smt. SHOBHANA Swaminathan on 25th Nov 2016 10am to 12.30 noon.


  • How music enhances oneself
  • PowerPoint presentation on Veena
  • how to practice basic lessons


Weekend Trip To Chennai To Attend Concerts

Thyagaraja Aradhana at the Kendra from 6 to 7pm 2016

Thyagaraja aradhana at Jalakendeswara Temple

One-day trip To Pondicherry

sankadahara chathurthi