Carnatic Vocal


Course Details

Carnatic music is the most widespread form of music around the globe. Human voice, being the most valuable Instrument of nature, is not just mesmerizing but also powerful. Carnatic vocal course is designed in such a way that the child is taught about Shruthi, Layam, Voice based exercises, Varisais (basic lessons) etc in the first few years of the training. Later stages of the training involve Keerthanais and Manodharma aspects of music like (Alapanai, Neraval, Ragam-Thanam-Palavi etc). Children are encouraged to give solo and group performances.

Exceptional ones are trained to accompany Dance concerts. We have academic associations with KALASANGAMAM, an institution that conducts theoretical and practical exams for children which is supervised by the experienced gurus and the certificates are provided. Workshops, concerts and lecture demonstrations are an integral part of the curriculum.