Course Details

Bharathanatyam is the classical dance form of Tamilnadu which has been approved as one of eight finest classical Dance forms of India, by the Sangeeth Natak Academy.  Amongst the various Banis or Styles, the most renowned and traditional Kalakshethra style of Bharathanatyam is taught in Kendra. This style is a combination of vibrant foot work and elaborate Abhinaya.

The child is initially given vigorous training with basic Adavus for the first few years. This makes them acquire detailed footwork, stamina and strength. After 3 years (min.) of the course the child reaches the stage of Salangai Pooja. After this the child will be made to give group performances on various festivals, auspicious occasions and programmes of Kendra. It is at this phase the child acquires performing abilities. Soon after this, extensive training on the higher technical aspects of Bharathanatyam begins.

The child will be ready to take a complete solo performance or arangetram after 8 to 10 years (min.) of the course which is optional. We also have academic associations with PRAYATHANAM wherein the child is made to take theory and practical dance exams under the supervision of reputed gurus and certificates are provided. This is mostly after 4 years of the course. Workshops, concerts and lecture demonstrations are an integral part of the curriculum.