25 Years

Of dedication towards Art & Music

About Us

Saraswathi Kala Kendra was founded by Deepa Surendran in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India as a Non Profit Service Organization to promote Indian Arts & Culture..  The Kendra’s mission is to offer training in the Indian classical dance style of Bharatanatyam in the Kalakshetra style as well as Carnatic music, helping to maintain the rich classical heritage of Southern India.  The school offers classes to students of all ages in Bharathanatyam, Carnatic Vocal, Veena, Violin, Thevaram & Mirdangam.  Members of the Kendra also perform frequently in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Nine members of the faculty take care of the eight departments, and around 250 students take training under these devoted and dedicated individuals.


G Chakrapani

Violin,Carnatic Vocal

T M Sivakumar


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Saraswathi kala kendra has made its name in spreading divine art forms like music and dance in Vellore for 25 silver years. I feel proud and delighted to be an integral part of this banyan tree of Arts for more than 22 years. I am very much honoured to be a teacher in an institution like Saraswathi kala kendra which has been involved in sculpting young talents of vellore.

Chinnamannur Krishnakumar, Dance Master

ప్రస్తుత కాలం లో cell phones, computerస్, video games మరియు foreign culture మన సంకృతి సంప్రదయాల్ని సర్వనాశనం చేస్తున్నాయి. మన పిల్లలకి మన తరువాత తరం వాళ్ళకి దాని గొప్పతనం, విలువ, దాని అభిరుచి మర్చిపోతున్నరు. అలాంటి గొప్ప సంకృతి సంప్రదయాల్ని మళ్ళీ మన పిల్లలకి అనుభవింపచేయాలంటే చక్కని మార్గం సరైన మార్గం సంగీతం ఒక్కటే. ఇలాంటి చక్కని సదావకాశాన్ని సరస్వతికళాకేంద్ర మాత్రమే కల్పించగలదు. కేవలం ధనార్జనే కాక సంస్కృతి సంప్రదాయాలను మన తరవాతి తరానికి అందజేయడమే ఈ సరస్వతికళాకేంద్ర ఒక్క ముఖ్య ఉద్దేశము.

Karanam Bharadwaj, Veena Teacher

Saraswathi kalakendra has provided a platform for thousands of students to learn Indian fine arts and Indian tradition. By providing quality education with minimal fee, the institution has made arts accessible to common man. It aims at providing disciplined education in a refreshing and a student friendly environment. After a period of great musicians such as vellore Ramabhadhran, Mani Krishnasamy there has been a huge gap in the awareness about fine arts in Vellore. Saraswathi kalakendra was started with an objective of reviving the classical artforms. Since the beginning the institution has had a sustainable growth without facing any setbacks which has been possible due to the tireless efforts and dedication of the founder.

G. Chakrapani, Violin and Vocal teacher

I’m Sivakumar Mridangam artist from Tiruvannamalai. I 've been a part of the Kendra from the beginning i.e. 24 years. Kendra’s policy is not only to shape up a skilled artist but also to teach how to lead a life in a good way. A student needs to know what discipline is because being an artist perhaps easy but being a disciplined artist is difficult to attempt. Kendra’s endeavor to nurture many students have come true over the years some of them being a performing artist today. For the past 2 decades, more than 50 students were under my tutelage and more than 200 from all the departments have blossomed. Its boon to have Kendra here in Vellore.

T M Sivakumar, Mridangam teacher